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Well hello there busy human and thank you for visiting CooksKitchen!


I am Candice, and before I tell you a little bit about myself, if you’re here looking for a homemade something of special yumminess, you are right where you need to be. Let ME take the mess out of your kitchen and the stress out of your mind and create what YOU need.

Until recently, I was recruiting senior management across the hospitality industry, splitting my time between a Milton Keynes and a London office. Picture early morning school drop-offs, running onto trains as doors slammed shut, e-mails expecting responses 24 hours a day, and.. and.. and..! Roll around my child’s birthday – all I had time for was some bought cupcakes from our local shop to send to school, but that just wasn’t going to do. I want them to be her favourite flavour, colour, a bit personalized.. I want people to go WOW! And so I found time, usually between the hours of 11pm and 2am, to create my magic..

Sound familiar? Or perhaps you begrudgingly settle for the local shop?

Your “busy story” may be different to my busy working mum story. It may involve work or studying, care-giving or travel, it may or may not involve children. Whatever your busy story is, don’t let it get in the way of delicious home-made treats. Cupcakes your child would be delighted to take to school, fluffy scones or an afternoon tea an elderly parent or grandparent would so appreciate along with a visit. Maybe it’s your turn to treat the office, or perhaps you’d like to spend an evening at home piling all your favourite toppings onto fresh delicious pizza dough!

You too, can have homemade, without the mess and without the stress. Leave that to me. Find what you would like (and if you can’t give me a call!), choose your preferences, order, and collect. No mess. No stress.

I look forward to creating delectable magic for you!




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